PHOTOVOICE: Day 1 - On the Edge of the Earth

On the Edge of the Earth - By Cadence Nadeau, LYAC Member

PHOTOVOICE - Mt. Kahtadin

 “I don’t consider myself a person who talks about their emotions to many people. I tend to keep to myself when times get tough, thinking I need to be a strong, independent person. My way of letting go and healing is by spending time outdoors. When hiking, alone or with a group, you have to have mental toughness. Everything has to be timed, you have to be hydrated, you have to rely on others to keep the group safe. It’s a perfectly planned experience that is thought out in advance, which is something I enjoy as a person who loves planning and having life in order.

This picture of Mount Katahdin brings me happiness because it shows me that there’s light in every situation. Even in times when you have to stretch your mental toughness, there is happiness that can be found and a bright side to every story in your life. You just have to keep going to make it to the top!”