PHOTOVOICE - Dog on Bed by Laptop

“After ten years of persistent asking, my parents finally decided to get another dog following the passing of our Police K-9 in 2006. When a litter of Yellow Labs was born 6 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the stars aligned, and we were able to pick the perfect pet for our family. ‘Remi’ is now my companion and follows me everywhere as if he is my shadow. During his time with us so far, Remi has brought my family an immeasurable amount of happiness in a time where there seems to not be much to look forward to. Now, we look forward to coming home greeted by our new four-legged family member.  For me, this picture represents taking the good with the bad. In a day of never ending Zoom calls, at least I am able to be accompanied by my companion. To every con, there is a pro. The COVID-19 pandemic was most definitely a con to everyone, but Remi is my pro in this situation."