PHOTOVOICE DAY 6 - J. Paquette

PHOTOVOICE - Calm Atmosphere at Starbucks

 Julia shares her "calm, happy place" when struggling . . . WHAT IS YOURS? 

“Sometimes, my thoughts can consume my life and take me to a bad place. I tend to overthink when this happens and need to find a way out. Being alone doesn’t always help, but being with others doesn’t help either. I get stuck, but know what the right thing to do is. So, I get in my car and drive 10 minutes to Starbucks, because I know this will help get me out of this bad place.

 The atmosphere of Starbucks is what calms me down and helps me to feel better. The soft murmuring of people all around me helps me to know I’m not alone. The sips of my grande peppermint mocha send warmth throughout my whole body and I am at peace. Here, I can just sit alone, get my work done, and feel relaxed. Sometimes I just need to get out of my house, for a change of scenery and a positive switch of my moods, and Starbucks is my chosen place.  

A simple coffee shop is my calm, happy place, and I’m grateful for how close it is to me. However, due to this pandemic, I am no longer able to sit inside and have that wonderful atmosphere that fixes me. But, I am still lucky enough to get that warm taste of a peppermint mocha. And while I have to drink it in my car or at home, I am still able to resolve my stress and feel the peace I know and love.”