Public Works Department

The Department of Public Works (PW) is the only city department that actually affects every individual that lives, works, visits, or passes through the city every single day. Public Works is responsible for operating and maintaining all city infrastructures. From the water you use to brush your teeth to the sewers that carry away the waste water from your home; to the collection and disposal of solid waste and recycling material; to the roads, sidewalks, street lights, and traffic signals, Public Works operates and maintains all these complicated and extensive systems.

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Things to Remember About Trash Collection

Trash & Single Stream Recycle Collection - With the exception of holidays (see below) you can rely on your weekly trash collection day, however, not necessarily at the same exact time each collection day. To be safe, please follow the City Ordinance which says, “Trash & Single Stream Recyclable Waste needs to be curbside in suitable containers no sooner than 6:00 pm the day preceding the regular trash collection day and no later than 7:00 am of the regular trash collection day."

Holidays & Interruptions in Trash & Single Stream Recyclable Waste Collection -  Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. When your regular trash collection day falls on a major holiday (noted above), your curbside residential trash collection will not be collected on the holiday. Instead, it will be collected the following day. If your collection is on Friday, it will instead be collected on Saturday.

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