2018-2020 City Council Members

About Your Lewiston Elected Officials

The City Council consists of a mayor and seven councilors (one seat is currently vacant) elected by the voters of Lewiston. Each councilor represents one of seven wards. The mayor and councilors are elected at each regular municipal election to serve two-year terms. In Lewiston, municipal elections are held on the first Tuesday, following the first Monday, during the month of November during odd-numbered years. The most recent Inaugural Oath of Office and Celebration was held on January 2, 2018.


Mayor Kristen S. Cloutier

Ward 1 - Councilor James "Jim" Lysen

Ward 2 - Councilor Zachary Pettengill

Ward 3 - Councilor Alicia Rea

Ward 4 - Councilor Michel A. Lajoie

Ward 5 - Currently Vacant

Ward 6 - Councilor Joline Landry Beam

Ward 7 - Councilor Michael J. Marcotte

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