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December 7, 2022 Notice of Annual CDBG Funding Availability
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December 10, 2021 Notice of Funding Availability - CDBG-CV
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About the Auburn-Lewiston HOME Consortium (ALHC)

The HOME Program was created under Title II of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act (NAHA) of 1990. It provides the Auburn-Lewiston HOME Consortium (ALHC) with the flexibility to determine the kinds of housing assistance most appropriate to address its housing needs. Federal requirements mandate that 100% of the HOME funds to be used to assist low-income households.

In 2002, the City of Auburn and the City of Lewiston formed the A-LHC. The City of Auburn is the lead recipient and receives federal HOME Program funds on an annual basis from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Each City receives a portion of funding to carryout to activities to support the development and preservation of affordable housing units for low- and moderate-income individuals, families, the elderly, and people with special needs.

October 21, 2022 Notice of Funding Availability - HOME-ARP 

About the Consolidated Plan

The City of Lewiston receives federal funding through the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD). Under the CPD Program, the City receives funding from two grant programs: Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME). Combined these grants provide funding of approximately $1.1 million annually.

Every five years, the City is required to assess affordable housing market conditions and community development needs so as to make strategic decisions about how to best invest CPD funds. The Mayor appoints citizen members, known as the Citizen Advisory Board (CAC), to be representative of the community and to assist in identifying community priorities and developing specific goals and objectives to achieve those goals. The broader public is also invited to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas. The consolidated planning process serves as the framework for a community-wide dialogue to identify housing and community development priorities that align and focus funding from the CDBG and HOME programs.

The Consolidated Plan is carried out through Annual Action Plans which provide a summary of the activities and identify the federal and non-federal funding resources that will address the priorities identified in the City’s Consolidated Plan. Each year the City prepares a Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) to report on the achievements made that year toward goals identified in the Consolidated Plan.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Consolidated Plan

As an Entitlement Community, the City of Lewiston is required, every five years, to submit a Consolidated Plan that describes how CDBG funds will be spent. CDBG funds can be used to capitalize commercial loan and grant programs; support housing loan programs; provide project specific support that will leverage new private sector investment that will expand economic opportunity; and support specific projects that will leverage investment in the rehabilitation or creation of affordable housing, the removal of blight, and the provision of a suitable living environment. The City will utilize a percentage of the funds for administrative costs associated with implementation of the program. In developing the Consolidated Plan, the involvement and input of citizens, non-profit organizations, and other interested parties is important throughout the process.

2020-2024 Consolidated Plan The 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan was approved by the Lewiston City Council in May 2020.  

About the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Citizen Advisory Committee is one of the ways to ensure that our citizens are involved and have a voice in determining how each year's CDBG allocation is spent. Its role is to evaluate all requests for funding and then make a recommendation to the City Council on how the CDBG funds are to be spent.

Committee members are appointed by the Mayor to two-year terms coinciding with the calendar year. This seven-person Committee includes one Lewiston City Councilor, one representative from the homeless community, a person representing the immigrant/refugee community, at least two residents from the City’s low/moderate income population in Census Tracts 201-204, and the remaining residents from the community at large. The Committee is staffed by the Economic and Community Development Department.


Meetings of the Citizen Advisory Committee are currently being held to review and discuss applications submitted for funding FFY 22. To receive text and/or email notices of upcoming meetings, please visit the City of Lewiston's Notify Me page and sign up to be notified. It's listed as "CDBG Meetings" under the Calendar sub-heading on that page.


Agendas are available in the Economic and Community Development Department, Third Floor City Hall, prior to the scheduled meeting, as well as at the below links.

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Minutes of the Citizens Advisory Committee are available following approval.

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