Keep in Mind; Be Kind Anti-Bullying Message

“Keep in Mind; Be Kind” was the anti-bullying message that the 11-member Lewiston Youth Advisory Council shared with students at Montello Elementary, Lewiston, on May 3, 2013.

LYAC members did presentations for kindergarten, third grade, and sixth grade students, to include talking about bullying and ways to stop it, doing skits, asking students to write anti-bullying skits, providing an opportunity for students to sign an “I’m a Be Kind Kid” pledge card, showing anti-bullying video clips, and asking the students to participate in writing/drawing exercises about kindness and ways to help stop bullying. Written comments/artwork done by students will be assembled into an anti-bullying booklet to be prepared by LYAC.

One of the student skits written focused on the importance of “Stop, Walk, & Talk” in a bullying situation, and LYAC members acted out what the students had written. In addition, students wrote responses to the questions, “How can you be kind; how can you help stop bullying?”
By the end of the presentations, students were shouting out, “Keep in Mind; Be Kind” amidst high fives and handshakes, with lots of hugs given to LYAC members by kindergarten students. Stickers and rubber bracelets with the "Keep in Mind; Be Kind" message, compliments of the Lewiston Firefighters Association, were also distributed.
Speaking to 6th GradersTalking to Kindergartners

Working With Third GradersMatt Giving High Fives

Doing SkitLYAC Members