LYAC 2020 Graduates

Graduation in Lewiston looked much different than the norm in 2020 due to necessary COVID19 precautions.  The Lewiston High School graduation was held at the Auburn Lewiston Airport with drive-in attendance.  As such, Lewiston staff was not able to give hugs, high-fives, and congratulation cards this year, but they each wore their LYAC cords . . . thank goodness for live streaming!  Congratulations Carolyn Adams, Lillith Price-Wharff, and Fazla Karim.  Your service has been greatly appreciated, and a shout-out to Carolyn for serving all four years of high school. All are college bound, and we expect great things from these creative young people.  Their input and contributions will be missed.  

LYAC - Graduate 2020 - Carolyn Adams
LYAC - Graduate 2020 - Lillith Price Wharff

                        CAROLYN                                                         LILLITH                                                        FAZLA