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The Assessor's job is to make sure that all real and personal property in the city is valued correctly at its  "just value" so no property owner is required to pay more or less than their share of property taxes. We do this by verifying permit work has been completed, review recently sold properties to see if there have been changes since our last visit, and going door to door each year in sections of the City as part of our regular review process to make sure the information we have in our system is accurate as of the April 1st assessment date. 

It's important to note the Assessor does not determine the amount of taxes you pay. That amount is based on the municipal and school budgets and the resulting tax rate, which is then applied to your property's ASSESSED VALUE. The city council votes to determine the budgets each year, and determines the amount required to be raised to fund the school and municipal services. The Assessor then divides that budget amount by the total assessed valuation of the city to get the local tax rate.


  • If the city’s budget was $200,000.
  • Total assessed value of the city is $10,000,000
  • Tax rate would be calculated by $200,000 / $10,000,000 = $0.02 or $20 Mills
  • So the Tax or Mill Rate = $20.00 for every $1,000 in value or $0.02 for every $1 in value
  • If your home was valued at $150,000
  • The annual tax amount would be calculated by $150,000 x $0.02 = $3,000

The following information may be obtained at the assessor’s office. 

If you need assistance please call (207) 513-3122 or email one of the email addresses listed above.

Tax Rate for 2023-2024 is $30.00 Per $1,000

Real Estate:


Personal Property: