The Dream Project

LYAC - DREAM PROJECT PIN DESIGNThe Lewiston Youth Advisory Council's latest project is entitled, “The Dream Project . . . You Can Reach Your Dreams Not Only in Your Sleep.” It is a multi-faceted project to encourage local youth to develop goals, aspirations, and dreams for their future.  

LYAC, now in its 23rd year, was established by the Lewiston City Council in 2001 to provide a means for youth to learn about municipal government, become engaged in their community, undertake projects to enhance the City of Lewiston, and to represent Lewiston youth. 

 The Dream Project was born after members expressed concern that some community youth face challenges that make the future seem bleak. “We want youth to know they are not alone in this world. We also want them to understand that they have value,” said Zara Bimbi, LYAC Secretary.

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Dream Pin:  Over 100 Lewiston Public School employees have volunteered to wear a "Dream Project" pin (designed by LYAC member Saida Abdisamed) so that students will know that they are willing to chat with them--on school premises--about their goals, aspirations, dreams, and hopes for the future.

Survey:  A survey has gone out to middle school and high school students, with permission of the School Superintendent, to get feedback from students as to their passions for the future, concerns, support systems, etc.

Social Media "Success" Posts:  In planning for their outreach, LYAC members have been discussing the meaning of success, wanting youth to know that it's important that their goals and future choices bring them joy and contentment. 


Dream Project Forum:  LYAC's Dream Project forum has been scheduled, Feb. 12, 2024, an interactive event for youth to engage with others and learn from others about the many possibilities for their future.

POSTER - Dream Project Forum - Feb. 12