Engineering Division


The services that the Engineering Division provides to the City encompass a broad range of activities. The division's office is also home of the city’s computerized database system known as the Geographic Information System (GIS). The primary function of engineering is to plan, design, and construct projects that meet the needs of the city’s infrastructure. Duties include:

  • Assisting with the city’s street maintenance and restoration program, including repaving, rehabilitation, and reconstruction
  • Complying with federal stormwater requirements and administering five-year plan increments
  • Implementing Lewiston’s 15-year Combined Sewer Overflow Program - Separating or storing combined sewer to reduce discharge to the Androscoggin River
  • Maintaining compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) - New treatment facilities, water main upgrades, and replacement from 6-inch to 24-inch diameter, joint treatment project with Auburn Water District (AWD), storage, and pumping
  • Participating in the Maine Department of Transportation’s (MeDOT) Locally Administered Projects (LAP) Program; this program allows the city to implement MeDOT projects in-house, providing planning, engineering, and construction as if we were MeDOT
  • Sewer and stormwater administration of rehabilitated and new construction
  • Support code’s project development review

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