City of Lewiston Permitting Process

Property owners and contractors should remain mindful of the need to apply for and obtain required permits for construction activity. 

All City of Lewiston permit applications are available to download at 

All activities must be completed in accordance with applicable local and state requirements.   The need to obtain permits is about safety. By enforcing standards, permits give property owners and the other occupants of a building the best chance to avoid fire, structural failure, and maintain the safety and welfare of our community. Obtaining permits also helps an individual to follow the allowed and appropriate building techniques in an area and can be used to enable a person to always avoid dangerous construction practices.

No construction activity may occur until a permit has been paid for and issued.  The following steps must be followed for a permit to be issued:

  • Completed permit applications may be:
  • Mailed to: Planning and Code Enforcement, 27 Pine Street, Lewiston ME 04240; or,
  • Emailed to  
  • NOTE: Please make sure the application includes any required additional information (i.e. site plans, design drawings, images of signs, etc.) 
  • When an application has been determined to be complete, staff will contact you and inform you of the required fee amount to be paid.  Payment methods include:
  • Mailed to: Planning and Code Enforcement, 27 Pine Street, Lewiston ME 04240; or
  • Credit card by calling 207-513-3125
  • Once the payment is received, the review process begins and you will be contacted once the permit is issued in order to commence activity.
  • Inspections during and upon completion of the permitted work are required.  Contact this office to schedule inspections.

Please contact Planning and Code Enforcement with any questions at   or 207-513-3125.

Thank you for your cooperation.