Social Services

Responsibilities and Services

The Social Services Department operates a General Assistance Program that assists eligible Lewiston residents, for a limited period of time, who are unable to provide basic necessities essential to maintain themselves or their families. Eligibility is determined according to income and other guidelines which are established by U.S Department of Health and Human Services policy and Maine state statutes.

Payment for rent, food and other basic necessities are issued to vendors in voucher form. Vouchers must be signed and returned for reimbursement. To learn more about the General Assistance Program, please view our "Guide to the Applicant’s Rights and Responsibilities" brochure (available in English, French, Portuguese or Somali).

Case Management

Limited case management is provided to assist clients with securing available and potential resources. These resources include agencies that provide a variety of social services, financial assistance, training, education, rehabilitation, and employment opportunities. Case management, in combination with collaborative relationships with the various social service agencies and the New Mainers Partnership, are vehicles that move clients toward self-sufficiency.

Workfare Program 

The Workfare Program is a means for able-bodied persons to work in exchange for the assistance that they receive and to acquire the skills necessary to obtain and maintain permanent employment. The Workfare Program also consists of training and educational mandates that assist clients in securing employment.

Additional Information