Traffic Services

The Traffic Division is responsible for painting all the lines on the road and maintaining most of the street signs within the City of Lewiston. The Division consists of a two-man crew and is supervised by the City Arborist/Traffic Supervisor.

Painting of all double yellow center lines, single yellow center lines, single white center lines, and white edge lines is completed by a contractor and supervised by this Division. Approximately (132.1) miles are painted annually. Applications are completed each spring with selected streets being repainted in the fall.

The Traffic Division assists contractors hired by the City to paint all other traffic markings within the City of Lewiston. These include turning arrows, crosswalks, stop bars, parking stalls, yellow curbing, and various parking lots.

Painting Street Markings and Lines

(318) left turn arrow
(97) right turn arrow
(75) left/straight arrows
(124) right straight arrows
(109) straight arrows
(424) crosswalks
(367) stop bars
(2) left/right arrow
(6) Left/right/straight

Traffic Control Signage

  • This Division provides set up and traffic control for the numerous parades, races, and events within the City of Lewiston throughout the year.
  • The Traffic Division sets up work zone traffic control signage and street closings for Public Works and Lewiston Public Schools for large construction projects.
  • Set up of work zone traffic control signage and street closings for the Police Department and Fire Department during emergencies such as fires, accidents, and power outages.
  • The Traffic Division replaces 80-100 street signs a year that have been damaged or no longer meet Manual Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards. They also annually replace an average of 25 stop signs and 95 other various regulatory signs that are damaged or no longer meet MUTCD standards. 

Interesting Traffic Services Division Statistics

  • The City has more than 165 miles of painted street center lines, lane lines, and edge lines that are maintained.
  • The City has nearly 300 crosswalks that are maintained.