What is the Apartment Building Solid Waste Program?

The Apartment Building Solid Waste Program is for new owners of multiple unit apartment buildings with three (3) or more dwelling units who elect to receive or continue provided solid waste collection services by the city. The fees are $170.00 per unit per year for this service. The only exemption from this fee is for three unit, owner occupied buildings. The owner must establish and maintain residency to be eligible for this exemption. An owner that demonstrates occupancy of their four or more unit building will receive a trash disposal credit for his/her dwelling unit on their annual bill. This fee will be billed and paid annually in advance with the option to make semiannual payments due June and December. At time of application the first payment will be due as well as a one-time $100.00 application fee per owner. To review the Solid Waste Ordinance, go to the City Clerk's page under the "Code of Ordinance" and go to Chapter 62 Section 13 link. For further information or to submit application please call Laura LaBelle, Staff Account at (207) 513-3123. To download and review the application click the following link:

Apartment Bldg Solid Waste Application

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